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    Help Replace the I-5 Bridge

    Tolling choices and managing congestion

    Between Portland and Vancouver, the I-5 corridor suffers daily congestion, making travel times unreliable, increasing freight costs and negatively affecting neighborhoods as people use local streets to avoid the highway. The collision rate is high, bridge lifts stop traffic, pedestrians and bicyclists use a narrow path and a major earthquake could result in a bridge collapse.

    Picture of congestion  before the I-5 Bridge

    The Columbia River Crossing project will replace
    the I-5 bridge, extend light rail to Vancouver, improve closely-spaced interchanges, and enhance the pedestrian and bicycle path.

    This long-term comprehensive project will be financed by federal and state governments. Tolling will help fund the project and also help manage congestion by improving speed and reliability for users.

    A Tolling Study Committee  has evaluated several tolling scenarios, gathered public input, and submitted a final report to the Oregon and Washington state legislatures.  Links to the report are below and in the Tolling Study Documents library:

    Tolling Study Report